Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bhai Sun na "Apan kya bolera tha"... GOD IS GREAT

God is Great! whatever be the situation Good or Bad. Even in the worst cases I have heard the same words and seen the same faith in this man. I am talking here about a simple man living his simple life who trusts in God and lives to the full. You won't have a dull moment if he is around. The typical mumbaikar with his Hindi, hailing from Dharavi. Wait, hold on to your horses, Don't you start judging because of the place. By the time you reach the end you will be flabbergasted.

On the day of the interview I saw a shy guy sitting waiting for his turn. I had just made friends with a person ram for instance. Ram whispered in my ears " you see that guy there, he is very arrogant and bossy".  And to my surprise ram  was speaking about the same person. on the day of joining i kept my distance from him. But minutes later i saw four to five guys listening to stories of this same shy, arrogant, bossy boy. He was like the heart of the crowd, a standup comedian, one who could make you laugh with anything. I still kept my distance because who wants to be around a showoff. But God had other plans. Both of us landed in the same project. so now i had to talk and relate to him on a regular basis. It was a pain listening to his endless stories and laugh at them when what i really wanted to do was throw him out of the office. 

So what changed him or rather what changed my attitude towards him. We had a group building exercise and this same tambhi ( younger brother) bro as i call him shared about the series of misfortune incidents he had in his life. when  his Dad and Aunt left for their heavenly abode . How he Got himself together to take care of his Mom and family. I saw his heart and all that he tries to cover up with his bright smile and endless crazy jokes. His mission to BE Happy and Keep others happy.  Since then it's been a heal of a roller-coaster ride. From making endless business plan, Study abroad plans. Though none of them worked out i am glad our friendship and brotherhood became stronger in all these struggles. 

I feel so blessed that I have a brother in you. Brother from another mother. Though we are going separate ways we have a lot to achieve and some of the dream destinations we have to visit and sure we will do that. Till then farewell bro. See you next Christmas.

Never judge a Book by the cover. Never judge a person from the place he comes from. I was wrong in my assumptions and i am happy that i was wrong otherwise would have missed meeting such a gem of a person. so remember next time when you judge someone, you might end up becoming BEST FRIENDS. Remember where the lotus comes from.

Oh sorry forgot to tell you the name of the guy " Prashant Devraj" Hats off to you bachi.